Nikon D4

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To say this is our workhorse camera would be to state the obvious, akin to saying the sky is blue, at least on some days.
Except when I’m shooting. Then it’s hailing pigs. But I digress. We were in at the beginning of D4 of course, and shot the marketing campaign with some prototypes. ┬áHere’s a bit of a BTS look at us working on-location (shot with both the D4 and D800):

We gave those back after shooting them, and went and stood in line at Adorama and bought our D4′s. It’s fast and durable. Speed to burn. Great files, great latitude to range upward in ISO. Takes a beating, for sure. Day to day, it’s the go to camera that gives us the leeway to shoot in good conditions and bad, in rain or sun, in utter darkness, or in the studio under flash conditions. It just covers the waterfront for us in terms of being a general assignment type of studio.

Here’s another look at a multimedia piece we were asked to produce for Nikon (shot entirely on the D4):