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Hey Gang….first off, many thanks for stopping by my blog. If you are a regular reader, you know my blog is a bit like the inside my brain–think of a bunch of shelves cluttered with lots of bits and pieces, curios, if you will, collected during 30 years of picture making. It is personal, a bit haphazard, and hopefully informative. Because I do occasional assignments for outfits like Nikon and Manfrotto, they and others loan me gear, or, on rare occasions, even give me gear to mess with, explode, push the edges with, or just outright break. These relationships have grown over time. I bought my first Nikon camera in 1973. And I’m still buying their cameras. I do almost all my camera business at Adorama. The deals available to me are available to everybody.

Because of my, uh, disorganized tendencies, I am not a reviewer of products. Opinions I espouse here about this or that are just opinions. I discuss the equipment I use, because I do use it, which means I like it and depend on it in the field. I am not a neutral third party giving an overview, or a controlled, clinical analysis. I only work with stuff that works for me and helps me survive a job in the field. I do, on a regular basis, share information, and stand by that information, because again, it works for me, and my studio. And of course, hope that the information, accounts, rants, raves and general musings presented here may be helpful, informative, and enjoyable for others.