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Going to Saint Lucia in the Fall

Mar 4

In Seminars & Workshops, Upcoming Events at 10:39pm

Heading to St. Lucia again, and the Anse Chastenet/Jade Mountain Resort to teach advanced lighting techniques. We start on Sunday, Sept. 30th, with an introductory dinner and then, beginning Monday morning, run for five straight days of working with light in one of the most beautiful places on earth. We build in time to relax and explore as well.  Here’s a link for the special events section on the hotel website. Just hit it, and scroll down. It has the day to day schedule, and all the hotel info.

We work with all manner of small flash techniques, from high speed flash to multiple speed light interiors. Balancing indoor/outdoor scenarios with flash, working with gels, line of sight TTL and manual radio syncing all gets covered, as does–available light! The week is dedicated to recognizing good light when you see it, using it well, and then augmenting it with small speed lights as appropriate. Hard light, soft light, and all manner of light shapers are discussed.

It’s one of my favorite places on earth, so much so, the ever gracious owners of the resort, which consistently ranks among the top resorts in the world, commissioned my studio last year to shoot a book about the place. Nick and Karolin Troubetzkoy carved out a piece of heaven in the splendor of the Caribbean, and the pictorial inspiration there is infinite. No matter how many times I go, I find something new to shoot.

Stay tuned to the blog for updates. This year, all participants get a free Language of Light DVD and a free copy of Sketching Light for attending the workshop. Already looking forward….more tk….

GPP-A Reunion in the Desert

Jan 30

In Seminars & Workshops at 4:52am

I’ve been away from Gulf Photo Plus for a couple years now, but heading back for 2012. Dubai remains fascinating, to be sure, but what really has rocked me, once again, is the gathering of talent in the city of the sands.

I kinda wish I could go and clone myself for a week, and just shuttle around to hear some wisdom. I’m especially psyched for the return of Greg Heisler. I missed him there last year, and he knows light and color like no one else. Also, David Burnett is coming. David and I know each other now for thirty years. He’s simply one of the most intelligent storytellers to ever pick up a camera. No surprise, his classes are already almost booked out. Martin Prihoda literally blasts sunlight into a different form, and Zack Arias teaches how to shoot sublime in the simplest of ways. It goes and goes, from beginner field skills with Chris Hurtt to landscape and PhotoShop mastery with David Nightingale. And, my bud, Louis Pang, the man from Malaysia, is coming to infuse all with the his zeal and joy about shooting weddings. With Bobbi Lane, David Tejada, Claire Rosen, and Steve Simon in attendance, this very rich seminar week covers, literally, all the photographic bases. Hell, Hobby and I are even hitching up a Flash Bus style day in the desert in addition to teaching other classes. I head for the Middle East on March 1st, and the fireworks start on March 5. In between my arrival and the start of things, I’ll probably wander the dunes looking for that flash tree DH and I built the last time we were out there.

Hit this link, and it brings right to the page with all the instructor bios and websites. They’re an amazing bunch, and I’m thrilled, once again, to be in their company.

More tk…

Beijing to Alcatraz

Sep 20

In Seminars & Workshops at 6:38pm

When my friend D calls me up and says things like, “Hey, I just shaved my head, you wanna shoot me?” I just generally say yes. She had a part as a POW in an indie film, so during a recent stint in Santa Fe, I shot her at, well, I guess you’d have to say, my favorite penitentiary, in New Mexico. (It’s such a weird life, being a photog.)

But, I’ve never had a chance to visit Alcatraz. So, at the behest of Nikon West Coast, I’m heading there next week to do a lighting workshop. Nikon’s Jeff Mitchell, out in California, proposed it a while back, and I jumped at the idea. We’ll be out there at night, which is very cool.

That’s on Tuesday, Sept. 27th. On Wednesday, I linger in San Francisco, and give a couple informal lectures and demos in a small, 40 person studio setting. Call (650) 327-8996 for details….more tk….

Nice View

Aug 4

In News, Seminars & Workshops at 3:09pm

It’s been a hectic week, with preparations for the show, late night shoots at firehouses in the Bronx, and trip prep. Jade Mountain popped up on CNN as the hotel with the number one view in the world. And it’s where we head next week to shoot a book project, and to teach a workshop. Info about the advanced lighting techniques workshop here.

All of a sudden, dealing with the week seems easier….:-)  More tk….

Heading to the Islands…

Jul 27

In In The Field, Lighting, Seminars & Workshops at 3:36pm

Another week or so, going to St. Lucia. First project, very happily, is shooting a book for my friends at the Jade Mountain/Anse Chastenet Hotels. I’ve been going down there for fifteen or more years, and it remains an oasis of calm and beauty for me. For now, a book project in a beautiful place, and an amazing workshop with a couple of slots left. Hit this link, and it brings you to this page for all the info…

Given the coming 911 Tenth Anniversary observances, and the maelstrom that has been my studio of late, a little calm is welcome. More on that next week. Let me just say, trying to mount an exhibit in a major space in NYC as a lone, freelance shooter is not for the faint of heart. Thankfully, I’ve got Nikon helping in a major way with $ and logistics, and wonderfully, we’ve had the original K-Man himself, advocate on our behalf out at his place of employ, J&J. Thankfully, they are pitching in as well. The Faces of Ground Zero show goes up on Aug. 24th at the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle. It will be comprised of the original Giant Polaroids, and updated photos and video interviews, ten years later.

We got started by being asked to update the LIFE’s One Nation book of ten years ago. That book contained a section of portraits from FGZ. So, we went back to a number of the folks who made the trek to the Giant Polaroid on 2nd St. in the Bowery during that intense, emotional month immediately after the attacks. An example is Jason Cascone, who at the time of 911 was a probationary firefighter and is now one of the youngest lieutenants in the history of FDNY. This original is not small flash, by the way.

However, this is. Just one small flash, through a 30″ Ezybox soft box, camera right. 70-200mm lens, D3X, Bronx, NY.

Bring you more up to speed on that next week.

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