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Oct 16

In In The Field, Lighting at 8:53am

The beauty dish is a fave of fashion photogs everywhere. I call it a “cheekbone light.” It is short, sharp and it clearly, definitively crisps out human facial architecture, especially architecture that’s been facialized, powdered, defined, beautified, and otherwise made to look all sorts of crackling super human…in other words, a thoroughly worked over fashion model’s face. Read the rest of this entry »

Streets of NY

Oct 5

In In The Field at 3:16pm

Been traveling like a banshee, but thankfully, back in NYC, where it’s always fun to shoot. Teaching for the National Geographic this weekend, and roaming Manhattan’s canyons with a great group of folks. Above, a morning scene at the Winter Garden in Battery Park City. Read the rest of this entry »

Sabi Sabi!

Aug 8

In In The Field at 5:55am

Couple days at Sabi Sabi can make you feel like a genuine wildlife shooter. Read the rest of this entry »

Heading Home..

Jul 1

In In The Field, Travels at 10:33am

And leaving the crystalline night skies of South Africa. Shot the above the other night, one of three frames I gave a try at, at the Sabi Sabi Reserve, really, truly one of the most serenely wonderful places I have ever been blessed to visit. D4, ISO 400, 14-24, 20 minute exposure. Little noise reduction in PS, and done. Will be writing more about the place in future blogs. For now, a long grind home. Land on Tuesday. July 4th week, and a couple days off!

All the best….more tk…


It’s Still Raining….

Jun 25

In In The Field at 5:26am

I’m starting to think there actually is something to my weather jones. I’m in Cape Town, South Africa, and there is wind and weather here. It’s gotten to the point a local photog messaged me on Twitter, asking me plaintively to leave. I think he might have been serious. But, the silver lining in all those scudding, dark clouds up there is of course the soft light, which is forgiving and wonderful. These young ladies in the Langa Township passed the wet, cold day in conversation, which I was able to observe in simple fashion. It may sound nonsensical, but I have always felt a wonderful quietude and simplicity to observing light on a somber, rainy day. (We start tomorrow, here in Cape Town, by the way. All day seminar, all small flash, at the Cape Town Convention Center. Here’s the link.)

Read the rest of this entry »